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Bio: Benjamin Wiggins

Talk Title: "On Specialization(s): The Role of the Humanities in the Future of MOOCs"

Benjamin Wiggins is the Director of Digital Learning Initiatives and Online Pedagogies at the University of Pennsylvania. He teaches in Penn's Department of History and Department of History and Sociology of Science. His work has appeared in Black Camera, Television and New Media, Natural Hazards Observer, and The American Historian. He has also contributed to volumes from Intellect, the University of Chicago Press, and Johns Hopkins University Press. Currently, Benjamin is preparing a manuscript entitled, Managing Risk, Managing Race: The Racialization of Actuarial Science in the United States, 1881-1948, which investigates how insurers and the United States government relied on the supposed neutrality of actuarial science to justify racially discriminatory risk management policies.

Last Updated: 9/30/15